Personal Training

Anyone can have a Personal Trainer – You don’t have to be rich and famous!

Nor do you already have to be fit or know everything about the fitness industry to have a Personal Trainer.

I was once in a position where I was unhappy and unhealthy with very low self-esteem and confidence until I started to take control of my life and improved my lifestyle! I knew then that I wanted to help others to improve their lifestyle and achieve their goals to becoming a healthier, happier and fitter you!

If you are lacking energy, motivation and dedication then you could benefit from a Personal Trainer.

Everyone understands that it is important to exercise regularly but a Personal Trainer can specifically tailor a workout plan that includes the right type of exercises for the goal that you are looking to achieve.

This is where it pays to train with a professionally qualified trainer who has gained the knowledge they need to work one to one with someone and supply workout plans and nutritional advice specifically to your goals for you to follow.

This will not only help achieve your goals but will also benefit your self-esteem and confidence, making you feel more energized, fitter, healthier and motivated to be able to lead this new healthier you for life!

Sometimes you just need that additional motivation from someone else to stop you from making excuses and keep you on track to your goals and this is where I come in!

If you really want to see results and achieve your goals it is recommended that you workout a minimum of three times a week. Consistency is everything! I can help you stick to your newly introduced health and fitness routine – yes it will be hard in the beginning but stick with it and your body will start to adapt to these changes and you will start to enjoy it which is where the positive change kicks in! Achieving your goals has just become so much easier! Contact me now 🙂

Prices Are As Follows:
– 1-1 Personal Training Sessions Are 30.00 For 1x Hour Session
– Save Money & Pay £300 Upfront For A Block Of 12 PT Sessions (Works Out £25 Per Session)
– 2-1 Personal Training Package Is £20.00 Per Person (£40.00 Per 1 Hour Session)
– For Larger Group Personal Training Sessions I Offer Further Discount

Cancelled sessions – 24 hours notice must be given otherwise your session will be forfeited.

Please e-mail me at to get started!

I look forward to hearing from you and excited to meet you and help you achieve your fitness goals!