The Most EPIC Fun You’ll Ever Have In Any NON-Contact Boxing/Kicking Aerobics Class.






To High Energy Dance Music I’ll Take You Through 4 Rounds.

Each Round Is Made Up Of A Full 45 Minute Standing Exercises, Boxing & Kicking Aerobic Combinations – 6x 30 Second Sets Of Punches (Jabs, Uppercuts, Hooks, Elbow Strikes Etc) & Kicking (Front Kicks, Back Kicks, Roundhouse Kicks), Bob & Weaves, Speedbags, Butt Kicks, Squats, Jumping Jacks, Speed Rope & Much Much More Simple, Easy To Follow Combinations.

Burn Major Calories & Completely Sculpt Your Upper & Lower Body Through Fun Non-Stop Movement.

Please Wear Trainers.

Bring A Sweat Towel & Plenty Of Water.


Optional: 1/2 lb Weighted Gloves To Add More Resistance To The Arms & Boost Your Heart Rate. You Can Pick Some Up From The Studio For £20.00 If You’d Like To Incorporate Them.

Suitable For All Levels Of Fitness! From Beginners To The Advanced;

No Matter Your Fitness Level, Age, Shape or Size, This Class Is For Both Men & Women!

£6.00 Per Hour Session.