A NO-REPEAT Circuit Style Class! Circuits Is Repetitive & Boring But THIS Style Of Circuits Keeps The Body & Mind Guessing, It’s So Much Fun & A Complete ALL Over Body Workout! 

Boogie Bounce Revolution Will Get You Fit & Strong Fast! With NO Impact On The Joints.

This 45 Minute Circuits Class Will Take You Through Various Strength & Cardio Stations That Will Target Every Single Muscle Group.

Each Station Is Timed – You’ll Start On A Mini Trampoline Performing A 90 Second Low Impact Cardio Move Such As Star Jumps/High Knees/Tuck Jumps/Stomps/Paddles Etc Followed By A Strength/Toning Station Using Equipment Such As Dumbbells, Resistance/Bootie Bands, Yoga Blocks, Medicine Balls, Ankle Weights Etc.. To Tone The Entire Body. Each Station Will Focus On A Specific Area From Lower To Upper Body. You Will Not Repeat The Circuit & You’ll Feel Every Muscle Group Has Been Worked.

No Trainers On The Trampolines. Barefoot Or Pilates Grippy Socks. You Can Buy Some From The Studio For £4.00.

Bring A Sweat Towel & Plenty Of Water.


Suitable For All Levels Of Fitness! From Beginners To The Advanced;
No Matter Your Fitness Level, Age, Shape or Size, BB This Class Is For Both Men & Women!
£6.00 Per Session.