VFC Summer Bootcamp

VFC Summer Bootcamp

VFC’s First Ever 6 Week Bootcamp Program Took Place Between The 31st July & 8th September 2017.
We Worked Out For 1 Hour, 3x A Week (18 Sessions) In St Columb Major Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday Morning Between 6am & 7am Whether Rain Or Shine.
We Completed Fitness Tests (Cardiovascular & Strength Tests) At The Beginning & End Of The 6 Weeks, Took Measurements & Before & After Pictures.
I Set Up A Private Facebook Group Where I Supplied A Complete Nutrition Plan & Advice, Home Exercise DVDs For The Group To Do Whilst Not At Bootcamp & Shared Recipes – It Was A Place Where We All Got To Know Each Other Better, Kept Each Other Motivated & Supported One Another Throughout The 6 Weeks.

Unfortunatley Due To The The Darker Mornings We Couldn’t Continue With Another 6 Week Program But Come March 2018, Watch This Space Because I Will Be Setting Up Another 🙂

Facebook Post:
“These Lovely Lot Joined Me On Day 1 (31st July) Not Really Knowing What To Expect & I Have Seriously Put Them Through Their Paces. There Has Been Alot Of Blood, Sweat, Tears & MAJOR DOMS (And Tantrums!! Haha) Through The Entire 6 Week Program But You Know What! It’s TOTALLY Been Worth It! And I Hope You All Still Like Me 😉

18x 1 Hour Sessions With Me..3x A Week, 6am Whether Rain Or Shine They Have Stayed Fully Committed To This Program & Thrown In Every Ounce Of Energy To Get To Where They Are Today. Through This Entire Program They Have Worked As A Team & Done Nothing But Spur Each Other On, Used Each Other As Motivation To Get Better Body Shape Fitness Strength Confidence EVERYTHING Has Changed/Grown Since The Beginning!!

This Morning Was Our Final Session & It Was The Worst Weather! We Did Measurements & Fitness Tests..All TOGETHER They Have Lost A WHOPPING 101 INCHES All Round!! In Just 6 Weeks!
Most Importantly Their Fitness & Strength Has Improved – Example Of A Fitness Test = Everyone Pushed Out As Many Push Ups As They Could In 1 Min On Day 1…Today Easily Every Single One Of Them Pushed Out An Extra 10+/20+ This Morning – That’s A Massive Improvement In Strength Right There!! I Am Extremely Sad It’s All Come To An End But We Are Losing So Much Light At That Time In The Mornings Now That Another Program Will Have To Wait Til Next March!

I Will Truly Miss Our Fitness Mornings Together But I Will Not Miss My 5AM Starts Hahaha! 15 Strangers Now 15 Fitness Friends Hope To See You In Class So We Can Continue Your Fitness Journeys Please Join Me In Congratulating Them On Their Achievements

And Since Bootcamp Finished I Have Seen Absolutely Every Single One Of These Beauties In My Classes Continueing To Work Towards Their Goals – Some Had Even Said They Were Lacking Confidence To Walk Into A Class Before Bootcamp & Now They Are Shining Through In The Front Row. Bootcamp Has Changed Their Lives & I Am So Proud :’) Below Are A Couple Of 6 Week Transformation Piccies And In 6 Weeks, The Results Are Amazing! And Completely Realisitic – Another 6 Weeks Of Fitness Classes, Healthy Eating & Consistency & The Same Amount Of Inches Can Be Shed Again & Their Strength Can Only Improve! <3 If You’re Interested Joining The Next Bootcamp Please Like VFC On Facebook And Follow The Page For Future Posts.