Get Fit Fast With This High-Intensity Interval Training Class.

Tabata Full Body HIIT Is A Super Fun Yet Effective Program That Suits & Challenges Individuals Of All Fitness Levels.
You Don’t Need To Be Fit & Coordinated For This Class; Each Round Is Short And The Moves Are Simple & Easy To Pick Up Which You Can Move At Your Own Pace.
Tabata Consists Of 8 Rounds; Each Round Is 4-Minutes And Made Up Of Short 20 Second, High Intense, Anaerobic Full Body Cardio & Strength Exercises Followed By 10 Second Rest Recovery Periods & A 30 Second Water Break After Each 4 Minute Round.
The Class Is Exciting Because Every Single Week The Music & Exercises Will Change So You Never Get Bored.
Tabata Will Improve Your Fitness, Strength, Muscle Definition, Confidence & Completely Trim Your Waist, Hips & Belly!
HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Is A Training Technique Used By Individuals Who Want Results FAST.
By Giving An ‘All-Out’ 100% Effort Through Quick, Intense Bursts Of Exercise Followed By Short, Water Recovery Periods Your Resting Metabolic Rate Rises During Rest After The Workout So Your Body Will Be Burning Fat For Upto 24 Hours After Your Tabata Class!

Comfortable Aerobics Trainers To Be Worn. 

Suitable For All Levels Of Fitness! From Beginners To The Advanced;
No Matter Your Fitness Level, Age (16+), Shape or Size, This Class Is For Both Men & Women!
£7.00 Per Session.