With Certified ELITE PILOXING Instructor Tara Hegarty.

The Difference Between A Normal PILOXING Class & An ELITE PILOXING Class Is That You Are Being Provided The Highest Quality PILOXING ELITE SSP Program Possible. With Nearly 8 Years Of PILOXING Teaching Experience, Tara Has Completed Additional Exams Which The PILOXING Academy Have Evaluated And Certified Her On Passing The Requirement For Outstanding Form, Technique & Teaching Ability. You Are Attending The Only Highest Quality PILOXING Program In Cornwall And Therefore Guaranteed To Be Taught Perfect Technique To Avoid Injuries & To Get The Most Out Of This Program For Fat-Burning, Sculpting & Completely Defining Your Body; This ELITE PILOXING Class Will Totally Transform Your Figure.

PILOXING is a 40 Minute Cardio Fusion Workout Which Uniquely Blends the Power, Speed and Agility of Boxing with the Beautiful Sculpting and Flexibility of Standing Pilates Improving Balance, Core Strength and with the Exhilarating Freestyle Dance Moves, this Workout Provides an Overall Challenging but Fun Calorie-Burning, Muscle Sculpting, Body Toning, Core-Centric Interval Workout,

Guaranteed to Whip You Into Shape; PILOXING Will Tone Those Trouble Areas & Leave You Feeling Physically and Mentally Empowered.


Weighted PILOXING Gloves Provide Mild Resistance to Improve Muscle Tone, Muscle Development,

They are Available to Purchase At The Studio for £20.00 however PILOXING Gloves are OPTIONAL To Use During The Workout.

Trainers are OPTIONAL but Barefoot/Grippy Socks is Preferred.

We Encourage & Incorporate Barefoot Training to Help Strengthen the Foot Muscles in Order to Improve Balance and Gives the Ability to Move Dynamically to Fast Movements. PILOXING Socks with Grip on the Soles are Available to Purchase if You Find Your Feet Are Slippery on the Floor.

Suitable For All Levels Of Fitness! From Beginners To The Advanced;
No Matter Your Fitness Level, Age, Shape or Size, This Class Is For Both Men & Women!
£7.00 Per Hour Session.